Japanese Knotweed

Japanese KnotweedWhen Japanese Knotweed flowers in August to October, its small creamy-white flowers, hanging in clusters, look very attractive.  However, this vigorous plant with purple speckled bamboo-like stems, grows aggressively invading both the urban and rural environment.  Small parts of the stem or rhizomes an regrow and spread.

What does Japanese Knotweed look like?

Japanese KnotweedEarly spring

In March and April you can see reddish purple shoots with rolled back leaves, appear from the ground.  These grow rapidly forming canes. As the canes grow the leaves gradually unfurl and turn green.  The canes sprout from the rhizome or crown, which grows underground, from an existing crown, where previous growth has taken place, or from a cut stem.

Early summer

During the summer months, the plants are fully grown, 2 – 3 metres in height.  The mature canes are hollow with a distinctive purple speckle and form dense stands.

Late summer

During August to October the plant is covered in clusters of spiky stems covered in tiny creamy-white flowers. These provide a good source of nectar for insects.

Late autumn and winter

At the end of the season the leaves fall and the canes die and turn brown. The canes remain standing throughout the winter and can often still be seen in new stands in the following spring and summer.

Removal  of Japanese Knotweed must be carried out by a professional.

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